Simple Decorations for a Small Room

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Simple Decorations for a Small Room

Simple Decorations for a Small Room

An 11×11 room is not as spacious, but can be useful to someone who is not looking for a spacious room. It is about four or five strides of an average human which, think about it, will be enough to fit a few important items. If a person is not looking for comfort as a luxury, a few decorations will do. Creativity should bring you in making your room look good. It can be something you have seen before which is easy to modify to your liking. After a thorough thought, implementing it will see that it brings your thoughts to reality.

Understanding what kind of room this

Understanding what kind of room this is going to be is important as it will help you know exactly what to do. A living room will fit in little furniture like a chair, a table or a wall cabinet. You can make a choice to put an L-shaped couch while saving on unnecessary waste of space. A good medium-sized table will be essential, preferably one with a small cabinet attached to it. You can bring in a television cabinet that fits into the remaining space. A medium one with a good design and spaces to put in a few more decorations or even utensils.

Your colors will range from wild

Your colors will range from wild to mild, this should help you bring a welcoming feeling to it. Choose neutral colors like gray and brown. A carpet that is fully or partially installed would be best, especially if you do not fancy mopping. Walls can have paintings or a wallpaper to match your furniture. White is neutral as it matches almost every other decor. Any color would do because we all have different preferences to what we want for a piece.

Simple Decorations for a Small Room

If you want your room to be the bedroom, consider what you want in it. A bed measuring 5 by 7 easily fits while leaving enough room to add on a few more items. On your bed you can choose between a blanket, duvet or a standard blanket provided that they are warm enough. A good drawer fitted high from the ground will save some space. You can put in clothes or items that require to be put into a space. Adding a lampshade with drawers to put in small items will be rewarding. Everything that you own can be in good order while being hidden and making the whole room stay appealing.

Another option often considered is where a person is required to fit in all the parts of a house in one room. Meaning that it is the only place that you have, fitting all your belongings is only convenient. A bed, a medium-sized table and a cabinet to put in what is left will be easy. You can find a chair to break the monotony while at the same time pushing your attention away from the bed. These are basic elements of a room, however any renovating will bring it to what you want it to be.

When you have identified the most important furniture to put in the room, put up other decorations. These will range from your parents portrait to a vintage item you find in a pawn shop. For the living room, keeping a decoration at a minimum is a good reason being that you do not want to draw too much attention. A portrait of something simple will bring out a homey feeling, a flower or a kitten. An opaque curtain for the window will help in managing the amount of light that comes in while at the same time avoiding snoopy eyes from outsiders.

The bedroom does not really require any decorations as it is a room where the mind is put to rest after a long day. Different people have diverse preferences, a few might want an upgrade, others prefer a plain-looking room. If you want a dark room, a darker shade of any color will be better off than a brighter one. Remember to put on a dark curtain to keep the light away from disturbing you each time. Keep a lampshade rather than a normal light or preferably look for a light bulb that can be adjusted to have less light. Your comfort should come first before anything else, making the most out of any space.